Cover Art!

Guess what?  I have a cover!  🙂

(And if you’re a member of my mailing list, you got to see this yesterday, as I release all of my goodies there first!)

Wanna see?

(Of course you do!)

Isn’t it cool?  This image was created by the incredibly talented Brenda Davis Mihalko.  Here’s a fun fact:  “Pretty Cass” is a real person.  She’s my best friend (minus my husband), and her name is Cassie.  She even has that outfit, thanks to a DragonCon pinup costume group that we did one year!

Speaking of which… only two more days for me.  Ever been to DragonCon?  If so, leave a note in the comments and tell us how you’d describe it in a tweet, using 160 characters or less.  😉


  1. Four days of by the minute planned events and…. oooh, shiny! Hi! I haven’t seen you in… OMG is that her from that show? Look at that costume. I don’t wanna sleep!

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