MarsCon 2018 Schedule

WooHooo!  I’ll be at MarsCon 2018 in Williamsburg, VA next weekend.  (12-14 Jan 2018)  Here’s my schedule (next to the lovely sunset pic for attention! ):

Kacey Ezell

6pm   Fri      Large Auditorium    Opening Ceremonies

7pm   Fri      Room L        An Introduction to Alternative History

9pm   Fri      Room L        All Nerds are Socially Awkward and Other Myths

11pm Fri      Room 7        Ready, Set, Flash!

11am  Sat     Room 7        Genre Blending

1pm   Sat     Room 8        Them’s Fighting Words…

3pm   Sat     Room 8        Evoking Emotions, Provoking Readers

4:30pm-6pm          Sat     Room 6          Baen Books Traveling Road Show

8pm   Sat     Room 8        There Can Be More Than One…

9pm   Sat     Room 8        Westerns in Science Fiction and Fantasy

11am  Sun    Room 6        Theogony Books And Beyond: 30 Books In 2018


If you’re planning on attending the Con, please say Hello!  It should be a blast, and a welcome break from mid-winter mundania!  🙂

PS.  I’m dragging my coauthor, the fabulous Marisa Wolf along.  🙂  So you’ll get to meet her, too!