Pimping My Friends – Mark Wandrey

Okay, so full disclosure, Mark is more than just your average, run of the mill writing friend.  He’s also my co-author, co-conspirator, mentor, honorary grandpa to my little girl, creator of one of my favorite universes to write in, and genuinely one of my favorite people.

Mark is the guy who came up with the incredible Four Horseman Universe, which was the catalyst for me meeting the guy (Chris Kennedy, co-creator and publisher of the series) who would eventually publish my first novel.  So, I owe Mark a lot.  As if that weren’t enough, Mark invited me to collaborate with him on an upcoming novel in that series about possibly my favorite character seen to date… but more to follow on that later.

Today, I want to talk about Mark’s release of the second edition of Earth Song Overture. This is the first book in Mark’s sweeping Earth Song space opera series.  We’re talking seven books of deep blue hero shit: badass redhead heroine, planet destroying war, and ships going 15,000 times the speed of light.  What’s not to love?

So, I’m just saying, if you or someone you know might be into that, maybe you want to give it a look?  I can’t think of a better holiday gift than being introduced to a new series to love.   Check it out here!